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Refractory Chemicals

Dolomite Refractories

  1. Phenolic liquid and powder Resins
  2. Coating material for unburnt Bricks
  3. Coating material for burnt Bricks
  4. Oleo Chemical for Jointing Compound
  5. Oleo Chemical for Ramming mass
  6. Oleo Chemical for Fettling mass
  7. Mould release oil for hydraulic press & FSP

Basic Refractories

  1. Phenolic resole Resin
  2. Phenolic Novolac liquid and Powder Resin
  3. Curing Catalyst

Flow Control Refractories

  1. Phenolic liquid Resole and Powder Resin
  2. Phenolic liquid Novolac
  3. Curing Catalyst

Continuous Casting Refractories

  1. Phenolic liquid Resin
  2. Phenolic powder Resin

Taphole and Trough Mass

  1. Phenolic liquid Novolac and Resole Resin
  2. Phenolic Powder Resin

Tundish Board

Phenolic Powder Resin

Graphite Crucible

  1. Phenolic liquid Novolic Resin
  2. Powder Resin

Steel Plant

  1. Mould release Oil
  2. Mould release refractory based powder

Foundry Chemicals

  1. Phenolic liquid resole Resin
  2. Curing liquid Catalyst